We use the best and most advanced surgical equipment available


It is a system of surgical instruments that uses high-frequency ultrasonic vibration to assist with liposuction. This technology allows for the gentle breakdown of adipose tissue, facilitating its removal and minimizing trauma to surrounding tissues.


It is a device that uses ultrasound to help remove fat. Ultrasound waves emit energy that breaks down fat cells, facilitating their suction. This method is considered less traumatic than traditional liposuction.


It is a device used during liposuction that aims to emulsify and facilitate the removal of fat. Through ultrasonic energy, it reduces the risk of bleeding and the formation of fibrosis.


It is equipment that uses argon plasma to promote tissue retraction and stimulate skin renewal. Argon plasma is capable of stimulating collagen production in various areas of the body. With Argoplasma, it is possible to treat sagging skin with lasting results and without visible scars.


It is an innovative technology used to treat sagging and can reduce between 30 and 80% of skin sagging using the same liposuction incision. It uses a combination of radiofrequency and plasma to promote tissue contraction and collagen stimulation.

Hyperbaric Chamber:

It is medical equipment designed to create a high pressure oxygen environment. Hyperbaric camera therapy can improve tissue oxygenation, increasing oxygen delivery to blood vessels and promoting proper healing of surgical incisions. Additionally, it can help prevent infections and reduce edema.


It concerns the use of lasers to treat a variety of dermatological or aesthetic conditions. Lasers emit highly concentrated light that allows scars to be treated.


Medical therapy that uses the application of ozone gas to assist in the healing process, reduce inflammation and improve tissue regeneration. Ozone is a highly reactive gas that has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates blood circulation.