What is Mastopexy?

Mastopexy, also known as breast lifting, is a surgical procedure to reverse breast ptosis, that is, to correct naturally sagging breasts due to aging, large weight loss or breastfeeding.

The objective is to remove excess skin and reposition the breast tissue, so that it is in the appropriate position on the chest and finds symmetry and proportionality.

What is the Procedure like?

Mastopexy consists of removing excess skin and muscles that have fallen, through an incision with a scalpel, the areola is also repositioned, elevating the breast to its original position, so that it stays firm. In this way, the breasts will be remodeled so that they have a firmer, rounded and perkier appearance.

Mastopexy with or without prosthesis?

Mastopexy does not require the use of a prosthesis, however it can be performed combined with the placement of silicone implants. In line with the patient’s expectations, the plastic surgeon will evaluate the quantity and quality of skin and breast tissue, to determine whether there is a need to use a prosthesis.

If the quality of the breast and mammary gland is good, it is possible to use the gland itself to fill the breast. In some cases, the use of a prosthesis is recommended, as with aging, this glandular tissue becomes more flaccid and fatty.

Definitive Result

The surgery will reposition the breast, so that it is firm again and the desired size. The results are visible in the first few months, but the final result is noticeable in 6 to 12 months.

Like any surgical procedure, mastopexy leaves a scar. With adequate post-operative care, the scar tends to become imperceptible over time.

It is important to highlight that mastopexy surgery does not reverse the natural aging process, there may be a recurrence of falling over time. This can also occur in cases of large weight loss and breastfeeding, and a new procedure is recommended.

To clarify other doubts about Mastopexy, schedule a consultation with Dr. Daniel Botelho and guarantee the best result.

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