Have you ever imagined yourself with that enviable silhouette, where every curve is outlined and your sculpted muscles stand out?

Now, you can achieve this dream result safely, effectively and with surprising results.

Also known as High Definition Liposculpture or Lipo Lad, it is a surgical technique that aims to sculpt the body, emphasizing muscles and body contours.

Unlike traditional liposuction, which focuses only on removing fat in specific regions, Lipo HD uses a more refined approach to achieve superior aesthetic results.

How does Lipo HD work?

HD Liposuction involves a combination of advanced liposuction and body sculpting techniques to achieve more dramatic muscle definition results. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and generally follows the following steps:

Preoperative appointment:

Before surgery, the plastic surgeon carefully marks the areas to be treated, identifying the anatomical reference points, muscular contours and fat deposits to be removed.

A diluted anesthetic solution is injected into the area to be treated before removing the fat, with the aim of facilitating the surgical procedure. The tumescent solution, as it is called, is made up of a combination of fluids, such as saline solution, lidocaine (local anesthetic) and adrenaline.

It helps to numb the area, reduces bleeding and minimizes post-operative discomfort, contributing to the safety of the procedure.


Small incisions are made in strategically chosen locations to allow access to the areas to be treated. These incisions are very small and positioned to reduce the visibility of postoperative scars.


After the incisions, thin cannulas are inserted through these access points to aspirate localized fat. The plastic surgeon uses precise movements to remove excess fat and sculpt the desired contours, respecting the muscular anatomy and achieving a more defined appearance.

Muscle sculpting:
At this stage, the plastic surgeon uses techniques to enhance muscular contours. This may involve strategically removing fat from around the muscles to highlight them and create a more defined appearance.

Finally, the surgeon closes the small incisions made at the beginning of the procedure, using saturated stitches for adequate healing.

When is Lipo HD recommended?

It is recommended for men and women who have little or no sagging skin and are not far from their ideal weight, but are bothered by localized fat and find it difficult to define their body.

Therefore, we say that Lipo HD is for those who already have healthy habits, such as good nutrition and physical exercise, but want to improve muscle definition and achieve a more athletic and sculpted appearance.

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