R24R breast prosthesis: enhancing the shape and size of your breasts without leaving your routine

This popular plastic surgery is also known as breast augmentation and involves the insertion of silicone-filled implants into the breast tissue to increase the size and improve the shape of the breasts. This technique allows women to achieve a more proportionate and aesthetically pleasing appearance to their breasts.

Furthermore, it is an option for women who want to correct asymmetries.

Choice of silicone prosthesis:

Choosing the prosthesis is an important step in the breast implant process. During your pre-operative consultation, your plastic surgeon will guide you in selecting the type of prosthesis that is right for you. Here are some factors to consider in this decision:

Size: The size of the prosthesis will be discussed based on your aesthetic goals and considering your individual physical characteristics, so that the result is proportional to your body.

Shape: Silicone prostheses can have a round or teardrop (anatomical) shape. The round shape fills the cervix more, while teardrop implants simulate the shape of natural breasts. The plastic surgeon will help you choose the shape that best meets your expectations.

Coating: Silicone prostheses can have a microtextured, textured or smooth coating. It is up to the surgeon to evaluate and indicate which is the best option for your case.

Profile: The profile of the prosthesis determines how much it projects in relation to the base. In other words, it means a deeper or more discreet neckline. There are low, medium, high and extra-high profiles. The profile chosen will depend on your anatomy, thickness of the breast tissue and the projection you want to achieve.

Brand and quality: There are several brands of silicone implants available on the market. Listen to your surgeon: he will be able to choose a reliable, quality brand that meets safety and durability standards.

By receiving evaluation and guidance from an experienced plastic surgeon, you will be able to make informed decisions about the size, shape, profile and covering of your prosthesis.


Incision and scar:

The plastic surgeon will make a strategically placed incision to minimize the visibility of the resulting scar. Incision options may include inframammary (below the breast), periareolar (around the areola) or axillary (in the fold of the armpit) region.

To increase the safety of the procedure, my team and I used the Keller funnel. With the help of this device, the silicone prosthesis is inserted into the breast without it being manipulated by the surgeon or touching the skin. This reduces the risks of contamination and capsular contracture. The use of the funnel also benefits in relation to the scar: the exit of the funnel allows the prosthesis to be deposited inside the breast with a reduced incision, thus the scar tends to have a better final quality and its extension is between 2.5 to 4 cm just.

After all, what is the R24R in this story?

R24R, also known as “24-Hour Rapid Recovery”, is an innovative approach to the silicone implant procedure that aims to minimize surgical trauma and accelerate recovery time.
Have you ever thought about having your surgery without having to take time away from work or family? It is possible, as this technique seeks to provide a more comfortable experience and a quick return to normal daily activities. Let’s explore what changes in R24R compared to the conventional technique:

Implant size: In the R24R approach, smaller volume implants are generally used compared to the conventional technique. This choice aims to minimize tissue stress and reduce the likelihood of postoperative complications, in addition to providing a longer-lasting result.

Technique: During R24R surgery, gentler and more precise surgical techniques are used, avoiding unnecessary tissue separation. This helps preserve the integrity of surrounding muscles, blood vessels and nerves, which contributes to faster recovery.

Post-operative care: With R24R, patients are discharged from the hospital hours after the procedure. After surgery, detailed guidelines are provided for post-operative care, which may include specific recommendations on body position, physical activities, wearing an appropriate surgical bra and self-care practices that aim to provide the quickest and most comfortable recovery.

It is important to highlight that R24R is an advanced surgical technique that requires the skill and experience of the plastic surgeon. Not all patients are ideal candidates for this approach and it is necessary to evaluate each case individually before deciding to use this technique.

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