We are a clinic SPECIALIZED in body surgeries and aesthetic procedures.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality services so that our patients can feel happy with their bodies.


Rod. Mabio Gonçalves Palhano, 800 - salas 11/12/13 - Gleba Fazenda Palhano, Londrina - PR, 86055-585

What will you find at the Panthère Clinic?

Aesthetic procedures

Dr. Roberta Botelho is a Dermatologist and is dedicated to caring for the beautification and rejuvenation of her patients through preventive and corrective treatments. Specialist in facial harmonization, she stands out for her natural results that highlight the most beautiful aspects of each person.

Our Team is Multidisciplinary

We believe that the doctor-patient relationship is one of the most important aspects in the surgical process. We value providing an exclusive and personalized experience, with complete attention at every stage.

To achieve this, we have a multidisciplinary team specialized in pre-operative, trans-operative and post-operative care.

You will have a specialized team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapist and nutritionist; all with a single objective of helping you throughout the process of realizing your dream.


To ensure that your experience when undergoing plastic surgery with us is the best, our team is made up of several healthcare professionals. Together with Dr. Daniel, they are the people who will help you achieve the result of your dreams. Find out what each person’s role is:


Accompanies Dr. Daniel in all surgeries, knowing the steps of each procedure and facilitating the surgeon's actions. With this help, we optimize the duration of surgeries and make them safer.


Its primary function is to guarantee safety, quality and agility throughout the of all surgeries, always avoiding any type of contamination at the site surgical. The scrub nurse is also the one who takes care of all the materials that are used from the beginning of the surgery until the end.


We know that the success of the surgery also depends on the post-operative period, which is why we have a specialized physiotherapist. Through combined techniques, such as breathing, use of manual therapies and technological resources, the specialist's activity is directed towards tissue repair. The objective is to restore the patient's flexibility and mobility with greater agility, in addition to relieving pain and bruising, reducing edema and preventing the formation of fibrosis.Still during the pre-operative assessment, the physiotherapist guides patients regarding immediate post-operative care, such as, for example, the management of compressive meshes. A contact test is also carried out on the patient's skin with the bandages (tape) that will be used intraoperatively. After surgery, the physiotherapist will monitor and guide the patient's healing progress until he is discharged.


Our team participates in your entire journey from the first moment until discharge from the post-operative period, guiding and preparing you in the pre-operative period, taking care of you immediately after surgery, monitoring and advising on all care, in addition to having the Home service Care - care in your home or hotel for bath time, surgical mesh and dressing changes.


Dr. Roberta Botelho, Dr. Daniel's wife, personally takes care of each patient so that scars from surgeries are very discreet. She guides and conducts all necessary treatments and care, considering the factors that affect the quality of a scar, such as age, hormonal phase, skin color, family history, surgery location, among others.


This professional is on the team to help patients have adequate nutrition both before and after surgery. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant foods are recommended, composing an individualized diet, according to each person's routine. If the patient receives guidance from Dr. Daniel to lose weight before surgery, the nutritionist will monitor this preparation and create a menu focused on this objective.