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I am Plastic Surgeon, exclusively dedicated to body contouring and breast surgeries. I work in Londrina - PR and also in São Paulo - SP. I receive patients from all over the world, who seek profound transformations through self-esteem.

For this I use the best technologies available in the world, such as VASER and RENUVION and the most modern surgical techniques such as LIPO HD and BREAST PROSTHESIS WITH RECOVERY IN 24 HOURS.

I built my authority in plastic surgery by training other surgeons in advanced body contouring in addition to developing one of the largest teaching projects in plastic surgery of the world.


  • Mastopexy is surgery that aims to correct sagging and breast ptosis (drooping of the breasts). It consists of removing excess skin, repositioning the areola and elevating the breasts. It is the dream procedure for women dissatisfied with the sagging appearance and lack of breast support. The result can provide a firmer, more youthful appearance. ‌
  • The Silicone Implant is the technique used to increase the volume of the breasts. In this procedure, silicone prostheses are inserted, chosen according to your preferences and the surgeon’s recommendations to create a result that is closer to natural and satisfactory. If you want fuller, more proportionate and more feminine breasts, this is the perfect option.
Yes. If the size of your breasts is causing physical or emotional discomfort, the ideal is to combine Reduction Mammoplasty with Mastopexy. Get ready to say goodbye to the problems of back pain, difficulties with physical activity and neck pain. In addition to reducing the size of the breasts, sagging will be corrected. You will achieve a more harmonious body contour, which you will love!
The cost of HD LIPO can vary widely depending on several factors, including the reputation and experience of the plastic surgeon, the extent of the procedure, the areas of the body treated, and the type of technologies used during the surgery. It is important that you know that, between a liposuction that appears to have a low cost and another that whose value can be considered high, there are certainly differences in results and quality. It is not the same surgery. Therefore, it is always advisable to undergo a consultation with a certified plastic surgeon to obtain a personal assessment and an accurate quote based on your specific case.

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